Monday, November 7, 2011

Only Natural

So, I've officially submitted all my work to complete my 2nd year of uni. How happy am I to have the past 8 months behind me! It has been a year of low motivation, low energy, forced ideas and a whole lot of questioning what I'm doing. Despite all of that, I'm actually really happy with the 2 projects I've managed to completed.

Only Natural

Detail - left

Detail - right 

I loved working with the fluro colours! It was such a nice change from the natural colours I'd spent the majority of the semester using. I had fun with these colours and can't wait to use them again. I'd originally wanted to use brighter colours found from nature, but the saturated, chemical feel of the fluro worked so much better.

I love that the colour printed on the back of the cutouts reflected onto the white wall. I wasn't expecting that to happen but it was a pleasant surprise on an otherwise hectic day of installing.